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PCB Seminar

Interested in learning how to design, manufacture, and test PCBs with Maker Club?

Here are some resources from a seminar ran by Katie Bradford in 2020.

The seminar consisted of presentations and videos about PCB design as well as a hands-on component of designing your own boards and assembling/testing them.

While boards and components are no longer available through CMC, the notes and videos found below are a helpful resources for getting started with PCB design.



Week Topics Deliverables Notes
0 Intro Install Altium [0] Workshop Intro
Setting Up Altium
1 Electronic Components Overview, Soldering Assemble Board [1] Basic Electronics Overview

[1b] Soldering


2 Design Planning, Component Selection/Design Create Component in Altium [2] Design Planning

[3] Component Selection

Clock Tower Component Creation (3)

3 Schematic Design 1st Draft Schematic [4] Schematic Design


4 Layout Design Fix Schematic, 1st draft layout [5] PCB Layout

How to Do Layout Things

5 Manufacturing, Test/Validation Fix Layout, Pick Final Project [6] PCB Manufacturing

[7] Testing and Verification

6 Advanced Topics schematic final project [08] Advanced Topics
7 Possible Guest Lectures (stay tuned!) layout final project, order boards





Example of what the board should look like up-close:

*****ERROR IN VIDEO********

Don’t use IPC compliant footprint wizard SOJ. that is an SMT part. Use the regular footprint wizard DIP. Or just make it manually 🙂

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